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Whether you're meeting with friends, relaxing, or focusing on school, WCU Campus Dining is the perfect place to get your degree without going hungry!


Wake up with a Griddle Sandwich. Use a pancake bun, bacon, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns. Visit our facebook to share your hacks.

Everyday Healthy

Check your menus daily to plan your healthy meals. Click the image to get started.


Click the image to learn more about Recyclemania and how you can participate.

Welcome to Western Carolina Dining Services

Campus dining fosters a fun and social environment with convenience and variety for all taste. Students use food to create lasting experiences and memories in their time here at WCU.

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Eating Made Easy

Late Night Dining

Thursday - Sunday 11pm-2am

We’ve got a plan for you! Whether you’re living on campus or off campus, there are a variety of meal plans to choose from. To find the one that best suits your needs, divide the 16 weeks in the semester into the block meals and then the DB to get an average per week to spend. A meal plan is easy, convenient, and all of the restaurants are unique to campus offering great variety! Click the meal plan tab to learn more about the plans or sign up for the Add 15 online at http://specialpayments.wcu.edu. To use your financial aid to pay for your meal plan call the One Stop 828-227-7170.


Commuter Spring 2015 Meal Plan Sign-ups:
To use financial aid to sign-up for your commuter meal plan contact the One Stop at 828.227.7170 or you can sign up online here.


Click here for 2015-2016 Meal Plan Information.

Need more block meals? The Add 15 Plan is perfect for you! Use it for late night dining, to kick back with friends, or for a theme meal with prizes. With the Add 15 Plan, you receive a discounted rate for the dining hall. Buy as many as you would like to accommodate your needs at just $106 a plan. Sign up online at http://specialpayments.wcu.edu or through the One Stop at 828-227-7170 and start using them today!

This is a deal you can’t beat! All day every Friday eat in our All-You-Can-Eat Courtyard Dining Hall for just $5! Bring friends or the family for a delicious meal without spending a fortune. Don’t forget to stop by the bakery to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. This is the perfect way to end a long week. Check out the menu tab to see what’s being served or through our CampusDish Mobile App available for both androids and iPhones.