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Campus dining fosters a fun and social environment with convenience and variety for all taste. Students use food to create lasting experiences and memories in their time here at WCU.

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Meal Exchange- Offered at all Retail Locations

New Meal Plan options for Residents and Commuters

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What is Meal Exchange?

Meal Exchange is a new addition to our Meal Plans. Beginning in Fall 2015 all retail locations will offer a meal exchange menu. Meal Exchange will allow you to use a portion of your block meals in the retail locations. To determine how many Exchange Meals come with your Meal Plan check out our Meal Plan page

What is offered on the Meal Exchange Menu?

Click HERE to review the Meal Exchange menu for each location.

How do I use Meal Exchange?

To use a Meal Exchange meal you simply order an item from the Meal Exchange menu and then let the cashier know you will be using Meal Exchange to pay for your order.

How do I know how many Exchange Meals I have?

In the description of your Meal Plan it will tell you the number of Block Meals, Exchange Meals and the amount of Declining Balance (DB) your plan comes with. The Cashier can also run an inquiry for you or you can check on MyCat.