Here are a list of frequently asked questions that we receive at Catamount Dining. For any additional questions, please email

Q: Can I change my meal plan?
A: YES - You can change your meal plan up to the first Friday of classes of each semester. You can change your meal plan through your “myWCU” account at


Q: What if I have food allergies? 
A: If you would like to talk to someone about a food allergy or special diet, please contact our registered dietitian at 828.331.9737 or email to make an appointment or talk. Together we will come up with a plan to manage and navigate your food allergy or other dietary needs.


Q: How can I find out campus dining information?
A: Throughout the year we host several events and run special promotions, you can check out a full list of events on our homepage under "Events". To stay connected with us you can follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, or like us on Facebook @WCUCampusDIning.


Q: What if I have a dining emergency? 
A: If you are eating in one of our locations and need to report an issue we encourage you to find a manager immediately. You can simply find any employee or cashier and ask to speak with a manager. If you would like to give non-emergent feedback you can go to and let us know what you think.


Q: Can I have a meal plan if I am living off-campus? 
A: If you are living off-campus you will be considered a Commuter. As a Commuter you will still be able to sign-up for a Meal Plan. You will have the same options as the residential students as well as four smaller plan options. You can sign-up early for your Commuter Meal Plan on our Campus Dish Page, during our promotional period or through your “myWCU” account at


Q: What if I run out of Declining Balance or block meals?
A: You can add more Dining Dollars or Exchange Meals to your meal plan through your “myWCU” account. We run semester promotions, so make sure you check out our website/social media channels periodically to find out what promotions we are running.


Q:Can I share my meal plan? 
A:Your meal plan is soley for you; however, if you would like to cover a friend’s meal using Declining Balance, a Block Meal or Exchange meal you can. The only time you cannot use a block meal for a friend is if you are on the Unlimited Plan, then you may use one of your 5 guest swipes.

Q: What do I do if I have leftover Declining Balance or block meals at the end of the semester? 
A: If you have an excess amount of leftover Declining Balance or Meals, you should consider changing your meal plan the following semester. To use up your Dining Dollars, you can  take part at the end of the semester or year in one of the many promotions we have going on.

Q: Can you tip at Chili’s with Declining Balance?
A: No, students cannot tip with their Declining Balance. Students can use their own cash to tip if they choose to do so.

Q:Can you buy alcohol with Declining Balance? 
A; No, students cannot purchase alcohol with Declining Balance.

Q: Can I use gift Cards, if so, where?
A: Only on franchise on our campus accepts gift cards and that is our Starbucks locations. You can check all forms of payment that are accepted at each location on our Campus Dish page under each location.