G.E.T. Mobile App

Western Carolina University Campus Dining Services offers mobile ordering through G.E.T! It’s easy and convenient to get your favorite food and use your meal plan or credit card to pay.

Download the G.E.T on your mobile device. With Declining Balance, you can easily grab food from your favorite dining venues on campus to keep you fueled on-the-go. You can download the

app today on Apple App Store or Google Play. Or you can order online at G.E.T. Online and logging in with your WCU information.


Get app features include:

  • See your current account balances
  • Review recent transactions
  • Instantly add DB or Cat cash using a debit or credit card
  • Request funds from a friend or parent
  • Lock or unlock misplaced CatCard
  • Mobile ordering


Q: I have a G.E.T. app issue, who do I contact?
A: For issues, concerns, or questions. Contact campusdining@wcu.edu with your name, #920, question, location of issue, and time of issue. We will do our best to resolve all issues. Thank you.


Q: Why am I getting multiple charges sometimes?
A: After finishing your order, give the system a minute to process. If you click it multiple times you will get multiple charges. If you see multiple charges on your account, reach out to us so we can fix.


Q: Why isn't the location getting my order?
A: If you place an order and the location does not receive your order, double check to see if you entered your credit card correctly.


Q: Why wont my app load, it keeps showing a blue screen?
A: This happens because you might need to update your app. If the issue continues, delete and redownload the app. Once you have redownloaded the app, do not use FaceID, this slows or stops the app from running through sometimes.


Q: Why is there multiple charges on my credit card statement when my order didnt go through?
A: Your card is holding a pending transaction, the charge was denied by your bank and should be removed within 7-10 days. Please update your credit card information to prevent this issue in the future.


Q:  Why wont my order go through?
A: Per location, there is a limit to how many oders can go through within a short time frame to prevent backlogging a location. Please be patient and wait a few minutes to try ordering again.