Healthy for Life with Catamount Dining

The most important thing about a “healthy diet” is that it fits your life, fosters good health, and is enjoyable. Catamount Dining provides you with meals that are filled with fresh, flavorful, and satisfying foods that you will love. We make good-for-you seem right-for-you!

If you have a specialized dietary request, please contact the manager of that location. You may also email our registered dietitian, Meghan Dempsey, with any general nutrition questions or concerns.


Meet the Catamount Dining Dietitian

Our staff Dietitian is here to help take the mystery out of healthy eating! For more information or assistance with food allergies or dietary restrictions, students are invited to schedule a meeting with Meghan Dempsey at Private consultations are a free service for WCU students with a Meal Plan. Book time with Dempsey, Meghan 


Many Daily Menu Options

There are many options available for our students with varying dietary restrictions. Vegan entrée selections are available at breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure our plant-based students always have options. Made without gluten products are available at the deli, grill, and pizza stations. Students can also find pre-packaged made without gluten dessert options at our deli station for a sweet treat! A variety of milk alternatives are also available at both dining hall locations for those who prefer to avoid dairy. Contact our registered dietitian, Meghan Dempsey, for more information regarding your specific dietary needs and the foods that are available to you.